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Thursday, February 15, 2007

R.I.P......I think not....

I am sure by now, everyone has formed an opinion of Anna Nicole Smith. But face it, there are way toooooo many people involved in her life (after death), to allow her to REST IN PEACE.

I, for one, always felt sorry for her. A few years back, I watched a biography on her on A & E, and was impressed to say the least. Her family is an abomination of toothless, functionally illiterate yokels. I am not making this up - they came across as supercilious fans in a way. I truly believe that the best thing Anna Nicole (or Vicki), managed, was to get as far away from these people as she could. All the relatives maintained that he/she had the closest of relations with her, yet hadn't talked to her in years. Wonder why that was?!?!?!

Now the sad part is that a judge in CALIFORNIA has ordered her NOT to be buried, as the DNA issues have to settled. Nevermind that the coroner has taken enough various DNA samples to compare to the US 983rd. And to think that there can be no period of mourning, as everyone who wants a part of her, takes their various cases to court. Another judge in FLORIDA, is also considering various aspects, such as WHO may be entitled to claim her body. For heaven sakes, she was with Howard Stern, let him handle things. Her mother, to whom she had been estranged for 15 years, all of a sudden wants to bury her in Texas with family - all the while forgetting that she has plots beside her son in the Bahamas, and she HATED THE WOMAN.

Cynical as I am, it is obvious that everyone is in it for the money and notoriety. Oh, and by the way, I encourage ALL males to opt in to the DNA pool for possible paternity rights. At this point, any one is fair game. I feel so sad for the little baby girl - she is now the object of one hell of a tug-of-war. To be honest, I am not impressed with the candidates waiting in the wings, as potential DADDY.

Bottom line, the media should BUTT OUT. Let the mechanics of the judicial system win out, and let Anna Nicole be buried with some dignity. I know the courts would never be fair in any judgement they make, for as we know money talks, BULLSHIT WALKS!!!

I guess until the next major headline hits though, we are stuck with more tabloid revelations and the idiots in the forefront.

As for me, Anna Nicole - I hope you can someday Rest In Peace, knowing the right decisions were made.

Got that off my chest, everyone stay healthy (including Samurai Frog), and TTFN!!

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