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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

DON'T PAY THE RANSOM...I am still here

I know I have been away from the blog for awhile, but had my mini vacation in Boston with "the family", and had to jump right in to the tax returns when I got home.

The trip was wonderful, as usual. We shopped and mostly sat around and gabbed. There were three of us celebrating 0ur birthdays at the same time (from 22nd to 26th) and we had one big birthday dinner and it was truly delightful.

On the way home, as Mom2 and I were heading into Logan Airport - SHE FELL AGAIN - producing another SHINER on the same eye. We have now named her the clumsy bumblefuck! Actually, her legs just gave out on her and she pitched forward - and there was nothing to do to stop her fall. The airport workers were very caring and produced a wheelchair and helped her thru security and all that stuff. When we arrived in Pittsburgh another wheelchair was waiting which made life much easier. She is in the healing process now - until the next one!! Hahahaha.

My clients have been true to form and the returns have been coming steadily. So I have been exceedingly busy. Theson surprised us when he picked us up at the airport - he also picked up his girlfriend Jules who arrived an hour earlier. She was here for a couple of days then headed to a job in St. Croix, then to Mexico, back here for 4 days - and left Monday for Antafagasto, Chile. They are such the world travelers.

We went to Boston for the christening of Tommy (center). What a terrific little boy. Always happy it seems, I am sure he has his bad moments but we didn't see any at all. This pic was taken before we all left for the church service in Quincy, MA. What a lovely family.

This ARCTIC CHILL has been a real pain the butt. then we got a little more snow last night - the schools have been closed all week so far. From what the weather reports state we are expecting a "heavy snowfall" next Tuesday, but I haven't heard how much!!! For this area, anything over 2" is considered HEAVY. We shouldn't complain though, we have not had much of a winter for the past several years. Since the damn groundhog didn't see his shadow, we are guaranteed of an early Spring now - RIGHT!?!?!?

Well, back to the returns - more later. Everyone stay healthy, TTFN.

1 comment:

slyght said...

i like the weather and can't wait for the next blast of snow. wish i was in oswego (100")