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Saturday, February 24, 2007

not much to report....BORING!!!

I really do not have much to report as my life is sooooo BORING. Being tax season, I spend most of my time preparing returns and since I am so very tight and greedy, and refuse to hire help...I have to collate and complete them all myself. No problem though, I truly have the process down to a science.

As far as my last blog (Anna Nicole), it seems that the story will be in the press for a long time. As I sit here working on returns, I have had Court TV on pretty much ALL the time. And I must say, the recent court battle over who takes possession of her body was a farce. The days of the Perry Mason courtroom are not exactly what we see. This judge "played" to the cameras the entire time, and the "actors" (Howard Stern, Larry Birkhead and Virgie Arthur) were out shined by NINETEEN attorneys. The only comparison I can make is to the Jerry Springer Show. No matter how many times I have tried to watch that show - I have to turn it off, because there is so much being "bleeped" you have no idea what is going on. During this hearing, everyone was speaking at the same time, repeating issues that were deemed "out of order" and the judge literally had no control. Heaven knows I can't afford to pull anymore of my FEW hairs out of my head, in frustration.

When all was said and done, the judge gave the rights to bury Anna Nicole to the guardian ad litem for baby Dannielynn. Good move - and all parties met on the courthouse steps to say they were in agreement (even were arm in arm), yet two hours later - the asshole mother is filing an appeal. DUH!!!! Everyone knows that soon there will be no possibility of viewing her body -as she is deteriorating (or decomposing) as we speak. But "good old mom" has to stay in the news and - oh by the way - forget the crocodile tears and best interests of your beloved daughter.

I have made up my mind - I hope and pray that no one is proven to be the biological father (not out of the realm of possibility) and that way baby Dannielynn can continue to be raised by Stern, in the Bahamas, away from all the BS publicity. I think the greedy bastards should be shot down in the press, as aggressively as they have tried to make a buck!!! Do I sound pissed???? NO DOUBT!!

Theson is in Salt Lake City, Utah at the present time. I warned him not to break his body trying to ski - he said he wouldn't because he would be learning to snowboard. All I can see is the Pillsbury Doughboy rolling down the mountain. Luv ya baby!!!

Thegrandson is sick, had to pick him up from school yesterday and he is still running a temp of 103 degrees. I think he is losing his voice from coughing too. Poor little guy. I just bundle him up and give him his PSP or he can play the PS2. What are grandmothers for??? Gotta love us.

Enough of this prattle - maybe something exciting will happen this week for me to rant about. Everyone stay healthy and TTFN.

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