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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Second stab at this blog

Oh to be this disgruntled middle age woman is tough. My attitude to deal with this is humor. Besides knowing what buttholes I have to deal with (AS IN WORK) I also thrive in knowing that I am smarter and deserve better. Now to tackle the mission of obtaining "better."

Read today of a woman in Morgantown, WV who was locked out of her car by her CAT. She had 3 cats in the car and was getting something out of the trunk and one cat decided to stand on the automatic lock button. Now she had to call the fire department to rescue her kitties. Talk about embarrassment. My 5 yr old grandson invariably locks the car everytime I pick him up from the babysitters and just giggles while I am begging at the window to be let into my car. Needless to say I finally caught on to his wiles and have the keys with me at all times. He is just a little too smart and would probably decide to take a "loop" before coming back to pick me up. His Uncle Z. teaches him strange things (considering the said Uncle took his fathers truck over a hill when he was 3 yrs. old.) I can only imagine the wonderful tricks he will be taught - my bad, I always encouraged the lad anyway. I am the ultimate liberal mom and proud of it!!

My son (before mentioned Uncle Z) has emailed me all the neat things to do on this blog and I hope to improve it on a regular basis.

So long for now - more tomorrow hopefully.

1 comment:

JEAN said...

very good my friend...proud of you...well i'll just have to get busy on mine...oh yes i'm starting one too...what did you think, you know how i am!!!won't our boy zac be proud of us? know he will...mom 1 and mom 2 bloggin...YES!!!good job marie...friend jean (mom 2)