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Friday, December 30, 2005


OK - Zac told everyone already about my short fuse in dealing with morons, well today should be no different I guess. Best friend Jean told me I could get my AOL for $14.95 instead of the $21.51 I have been paying (AARP discount.) thought I would check it out. After perusing AOL it seems that with broadband they do have such a plan, and decided to use the live tech chat to make the change. Well I could have had a better conversation with my hamster. After going on and off with the "cheery anonymous tech" - I decided to CALL. Never mind the push this number and that number, this taped voice started, "if you ......." cut off, "i think you said "home", is that correct?" No idiot I said BROADBAND!!!! "I need some more information in order to direct your call, are you calling from your dial-up...." cut off. "You need....." cut off. Now I am punching the zero as many times as possible and finally get a "we feel you need to speak with a consultant - please hold!" Cool. Held for TWENTY FIVE FUKKING MINUTES!" Needless to say, with all the things I need to be doing, this wait time did not help my demeanor when TAMMY came on the line. After my initial tirade about the pathetic phone system they have, I explained about the change I wished to make, and 2 questions later she said fine - "your bill will be changed on January 9th. Can I help you with anything else?" Zac, believe it or not - I bit my tongue and said Thank you - I am done.

We will see how the bill reflects the change on January 9th, till then I will not say anything bad. Maybe!!!

Whew! I feel better getting that off my chest. Later all!

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