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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

COMPASSION IN HAITI...............

I have to say, I am NOT glued to all the coverage on the disaster in Haiti, but I catch reports regularly on CNN (of course my channel of choice). Last night I was totally floored when this clip was shown of Anderson Cooper - carrying a bloody child to safety.

When this tragedy struck on Jan. 12th, CNN had Anderson Cooper on the ground and running long before any other network. Apparently CNN was not shooting any footage when they finally caught Cooper, at first assisting this boy away from the fighting - only to start the cameras and catch the final steps - of getting this boy over the barricades into a "safe" area. I, for one, truly appreciate the "compassion" shown by Cooper, as a man - not as a reporter in this instance.

At this point in time - one week after the event - the logistical nightmare has begun. Over $200 million has been donated, one way or another, supplies are on their way to these people in need - but the chaos has already ensued.

To say there has ever been a cohesive government in place in this country would be an understatement. After listening to the current President speak the other night, I was less than impressed. In my humble opinion, there needs to be some form of marshaling the peoples, to avoid the damage and injuries from those just trying to survive, i.e., looting, assault to gain food or drink, finding loved ones, etc.

As in any tragedy of this magnitude, where monies are being collected at such an incredible rate...the option for scamming comes into play. I should only hope that the Red Cross has their shit together this time and can coordinate a program to help these people. The RC has managed to fuck up assistance programs before - all while collecting exorbitant salaries for the "administration".

I was less than happy when Obama appointed "W" to work with Bill Clinton on this project - we remember how he congratulated "Brownie, for a wonderful job", during Hurricane Katrina....arghhhh! Maybe Bill will just backhand the twerp when he gets a thought of just "popping off!" Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

Theson has been visiting a friend in Colorado since Thursday and will be returning home late tonight - so I am hoping to get him back to posting on Past the Velvet Rope. It's my fault he had to take an unexpected absence - since I had my little heart episode. He has been a rock and so very helpful to me since all the drama unfolded. Unfortunately, his employer may be sending him overseas in the near future. I guess he can't play forever.

I am doing "cardiac rehab", which essentially involves gym equipment and keeping one's heart rate in acceptable ranges. I have participated in this program numerous times - so it has been like "old home week." I can do very little upper body exercise, as I have a torn/pulled muscle in my right shoulder, so I do laps on the track, treadmill and bicycle. Slowly but surely, I'm getting my strength back.

Theson has hired a young man to assist me around the house - with the heavier things that need done. We figured about ten hours a week would work for both of us. He should be quite helpful in cleaning the basement that I have been ignoring (actually just non-motivated) and getting the remaining Christmas decorations put away. There will be several "dump" runs involved as well. The tough part, is that I have a hard time sitting back while someone works around me. I just need to get in the thick of things, as it were.

I feel good right now - but the doctor told me last week that he is looking at possibly having me get a pacemaker placed in a few months. I am sooooo not looking forward to anymore invasive procedures. We will take this day by day.

That seems like enough blathering for now - have a great day and I shall return.....later.



Cali said...

I really can't bear watching all the destruction and devastation in Haiti either. I think I'm burned out on disasters and war, which is the greatest disaster because it is nearly always avoidable. I just can't take it any more.

As for your need to be working too, perhaps your helper could bring you boxes to go through and then take away the cast off stuff and bring you another box.

You simply must follow your doctor's orders no matter how much it bothers you not to be doing it all yourself.

Nan said...

Cooper's behavior doesn't surprise me at all. Remember Katrina? The outrage and disbelief he expressed on camera then helped to get disaster relief finally moving into New Orleans. I'm not particularly impressed with him as a journalist, but he is definitely a decent human being.

Peruby said...

Good to hear from you. Take your time and get well as you can. We will be here. I know what you mean about watching somebody else work (in my house).

kirby said...

Bill and W in the same room. God, can you imagine it? If Bill gob smacked W, I think W's Secret Service detail would just stand there like teachers at a school yard fight, waiting until Bill got a few good ones in before they rather reluctantly said "O.K., break it up fellas."