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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

time for a change --- and I love it!!

Today, I finally got the haircut I have been wanting forever, but several different operators at several different salons have always cut my hair the way "THEY WANT!" I haven't been this happy about anything hair related in quite some time. And as you can see from my profile pic, I do have gray hair (with a shock of pure white in the front.) So, I also asked for something great in a color change - and I am ecstatic. It is now like a strawberry blonde with lighter highlights. I know these aren't the best pics - but I will try for some better ones later. So far (if my friends are not lying), I have been told I look from 10 to 20 years younger. That is always a nice compliment.

I have to thank my oldest daughter, because after many trips to various salons, I was about to give up on getting what I want. Everytime my daughter and I get together I always tell her how much I love her haircut - and three weeks ago, she gave me a business card for the salon that takes care of her hair needs. I called yesterday and "boom" got an appointment for today. The girls are lovely and tell you what they are doing and how to maintain styles. I am on cloud nine - oh and btw the name of the salon is Cloud9.

I have totally gotten pissed at every place I have gone, because I clearly explain what I want - and inevitably my hair is teased and my bangs are rolled into a little "turd" that lays across my forehead - DUH!?!?! NOT PRETTY. This girl knew exactly what I wanted and helped pick ut a terrific color combination - and all was complete in an hour and a half.

I could go on - but this is for Slyght (theson) and my oldest daughter to see. Thank you baby - you steered me to a place I will stick with!!! Luv ya guys!!

Stay healthy all and TTFN!! 31 days and we are outta here!!

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