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Thursday, May 31, 2007

...and to think I REALLY DON'T DRINK!!

Last night, theson and I (and the female dog pet Angel), sat out on the deck opting to watch the NBA finals. Theson had his Miller Lite and I had a bottle of Cafe Zinfandel and we were just hunkered down for a basketball game by moonlight. Somehow we got to talking about the dog and wondered if she had ever tried beer - none of us had offered it before - so tonight's the night. (NO SCREAMING TIRADES FROM ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUPS PLEASE.) Theson poured some beer into a bowl and the dog would take a couple of laps and walk away, returning at different intervals till the bowl was empty. Again, more beer in the bowl (total probably 1.5 cans) and she now would lay down and take a sound snooze, then return for a couple more sips. **This is the nicest well behaved dog we have ever had. She is thegrandsons protector and guardian. She never jumps on people just gradually raises her body till she is on your shoulders. She was "dumped" in our neighborhood 3 years ago and adopted US.

When we finally came in to go to bed, I had to laugh, she was trying to bite her back, and "BOOM" she just fell over. I was rolling. She just looked at me like "wtf" and laid down and fell asleep. Good doggie!! So no one worry - she is fine today - maybe a slight hangover but fine.

Theson and I had a wonderful chat fest and finally spoke about some issues he has been holding in of late. Sometimes life really sucks, but I feel that you need varying insights to the situation in order to sort things out. We may have made a little progress. I love him so very much and when he hurts it kills me. Not like when they are little and you can "kiss the boo-boo!" Deep heartache hurting is worse. But I will always help in any way possible.

OK - got my manicure and hair done yesterday. Have to pick up earring I had repaired, and all I have left to do is PACK. The fun part is putting everything in the suitcase and going back and taking it out - BECAUSE I DON'T REALLY NEED IT!!!

Everyone stay healthy and don't miss me too much! Rich Championable is doing better, Samurai Frog is the bomb and all is well with the world. So no drama till I return!

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