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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

i must be bored...blogging about PARIS HILTON!!!

I have been trying hard to find something really interesting to blog about - and I am bewildered...therefore, this will be about the bimbo PARIS HILTON.

The celebutante recently was sentenced to serve 45 days in jail for her complete disregard to prior court sanctions (for DUI.) Today, there are petitions circulating on the internet - 1) for Governor Schwarzenegger to exonerate the tart, for all the good she does for the youth of America. DUH?!?!? What good would that be? She seems to be dumber than a box of rocks, and contributes nothing to society that I can see - AND SHE CAN'T ACT OR SING!!!
2) petition asks Governor Schwarzenegger to totally disregard aforementioned petition for exoneration.
NOW ISN'T THIS A BUNCH OF HOGWASH??? You can check out these petitions on: www.ipetitions.com. They are for real.

Another thing I don't understand - aparently she now has driving privileges (whilst license was suspended and thus reason for incarceration order). Boggles the mind. She did not adhere to any of the court orders (other than maybe paying the fine), she didn't enroll in a driver education course, or abstain from driving. But NOW she does have privileges!! Makes no sense to me.

Enough of that garbage. How about the gasoline prices? Over $3 a gallon. Looks like Dubya's Big Oil Buddies are making out like bandits. REMEMBER - DO NOT PURCHASE ANY GASOLINE ON MAY 15TH!!!
Sen. Harry Reid is starting an investigation as to WHY the oil refineries amazingly shut down this time of year (either for breakdowns, maintenance or miscellaneous reasons) sending gas prices soaring. This does not take a rocket scientist. George W. Bush has been in bed with big oil for years (as was Daddy!) We, the little people will never win.

Thegrandson has his first T-Ball game this Saturday, and he is all excited, although the basics of the game still seem to elude him. These young kids are hilarious to watch, as the ball goes right past them - and then the whole team scampers to get it and then rolls around seeing who will throw it back to the mound. FUNNY!!! Bless my grandsons heart - he tackled a chubby little guy and rolled around in the outfield, screaming "it's mine!" I must have a talk with him.

Gonna run for now, massive headache! Everyone stay well - even Rich Championable (I miss him). TTFN.

24 days till we fly to Florida!!!! YIPPEE!!!

1 comment:

SamuraiFrog said...

The Bushes are a family that made money on illegal deals with the Nazis during World War II. There's no reason to add it here, I just can't get enough of saying it.

And did you see that the cost of oil is actually DOWN right now, while gas prices are up?

The new haircut looks hot. Happy Mother's Day today. Be good.