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Saturday, March 03, 2007

the blond moron does it again...despicable Ann Coulter!!!

This is one individual I have come to totally despise if not hate. And I am one who does not use the word "hate" lightly, because it is such a strong overwhelming emotion. But to come home this evening and see the latest on this bitch, makes my blood boil. The "Conservatives" have long held Coulter in high esteem and basically let her run her mouth representing the crew as a whole. But this time, to be politically correct, three of the Republican contenders have dissed her over the remarks about John Edwards, she made at the American Conservative Union Conference. Or should I say - their spokespersons made the comments.

You can view her comments above as seen on You Tube, but to reference John Edwards or ANY individual with gay epithets is uncalled for in any situation. I for one have never liked the word "faggot" and I am far from homophobic, as Ms. Coulter now seems to be a poster child for gay bashing. I foresee more backlash coming her way, from many organized groups and I hope they smash her hard.

She got away with her comments about the 9/11 widows - which was disgusting and many, many more acerbic comments can be attributed to this woman. I think she should run away to some island (which is in the path of a killer tsunami) with Sean Hannity. I refuse to even watch these two individuals, because they are equally repulsive. Hannity still chops anyone down for deriding or disagreeing with OUR COMMANDER IN CHIEF. He is not a God for heavens sake, and thank heavens we have the right to complain about anyone and anything.

Anyway, Ann Coulter, you are a disgusting and revolting individual - smug, arrogant and not the least bit attractive. For someone so ingrained in religion - do you think a God you so justly believe in - condones the way you lack respect for other humans? Get real!!! If there is any truth to the saying "what goes around - comes around" - you will get yours someday.

And to all my gay friends - more power to you!!! Go get her!!

Everyone stay healthy and well. TTFN.

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