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Saturday, November 11, 2006

...theson has left the country

Theson has finally had to "go back to work", and I assume he is in Algeria by now. I haven't heard from him since he boarded the plane in Atlanta for Gatwick Airport near London, on Thursday evening.

He was home since Aug. 13th, which was almost a 3 month stay. I get so used to him being here, I hate to let him go, but he is a big boy and has a job to do. He managed to spend a good deal of time doing what he likes to do also - visiting his friends in Columbus, "flying" to various locations to be with Emma (for weekends), sharing in the engagement of his best friend http://www.flickr.com/photos/mbonen/Chad and Jackie. These pics were taken after we all went to dinner at the Roadhouse and all met at Flanagan's for the big surprise.

As soon as I hear from him I will let everyone know - or keep watching his NOMADIC TENDENCIES blog for updates. Since he has been home - our blogs have been far and few between, so maybe now we can get it back together again.

OK - HOW ABOUT THE NOV. 7TH ELECTIONS????? As anyone can guess, I am on Cloud 9. Now that the Democrats have the reins - let's see them do positive things. Make us proud. I have heard enough of the "conservatives" and "liberals", let's get centered and work for the good of the PEOPLE. Enough of the big bucks going to the mega corporations and start making them responsible for their fair share of tax debt. The middle class has borne this burden for way too long. And how smart is Bush??? If he had FIRED Donald Rumsfeld 2 weeks before the election, the results would probably have been quite different, but the dunderhead fired him the day after. DUH!?!!?! Now let's get rid of Condoleeza Rice, and get someone at the helm to initiate Middle East talks again. In order to even consider some peace in that region, it has to begin with an accord among the warring nations. And needless to say, those countries have no respect for a WOMAN. Let alone, one who might want to discuss PEACE. Argh!!!!

Well, it is a "take it easy" Saturday, the BIG REDS won their playoff game last night, after scary me a wee bit in the 4th quarter, so all is well in town today.

Behave and stay healthy, TTFN.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

TheSon called me yesterday, he's safe in the desert. I gave him an Earnhardt and Steelers update, but he was also asking about The Big Reds. Can you email his Yahoo account with the scoop? He doesn't have access to TheGeneral's email or crackberry account over there.

It also sounded like the job might not take as long as they planned. Hope he'll be on his way home soon!!