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Monday, November 27, 2006

...I am an excellent prognosticator

Well, if you remember from my last blog - I mentioned about having thedaughter in the ER, and I predicted we would be back in the hospital before her scheduled doctor's appointment - you guessed it - I WAS RIGHT!!! On Friday, she was again planning on going to work, although still in considerable pain (she was scheduled to work 1pm - 10:15pm), and I said "no way, we are going back to the ER." She conceded, and we got to ER about 10:45 am. After more testing, it was noted that this "cyst" was now 10cm and was twisting the ovary. By 5:30 pm, she was having emergency surgery to remove the one ovary and Fallopian tube. I had thegrandson with me the entire time, and he was so scared for his mom. I got hold of Mom2 (who was on her way back from Columbus), and she stopped by the hospital and picked up thegrandson, which made my waiting a little easier. My older daughter and I got to see her in the recovery room at approximately 7 pm, and she was MISERABLE. She, of course, was in a lot of pain, and were in the process of hooking up a morphine pain drip. All she kept bitching about, was getting outside to have a cigarette. I became the bad guy, because I wouldn't take her. MEAN MOMMY!

They got her in a room by 7:45pm, amazingly enough the census in the hospital was really low and she was the only patient on the gynecology floor. Believe it or not, one patient and a staff of five, and the wait to get water and basic essentials was amazingly slow. We finally left the hospital about 9 pm. I figured it was better to leave her to the care of the nurses, plus I was exhausted.

I picked up the grandson and we both headed home and immediately "crashed!" I have never fallen asleep that quick in my life. Oops, forgot, thedaughter called at 11pm, wanting a cigarette again, for which I had no answers for her. The next call came at 6:20 am, again craving the nicotine, and she was going to drag all her tubes and accessories outside for the smoke.
As soon as thegrandson and I got to the hospital Saturday morning, she wants, food, something to drink and a CIGARETTE. rrrrrgh.... I can understand where she is coming from, but also the reality of being plugged into a system negates the possibility.

The doctor came in and said she could go home if she felt like it, she said YES, and we were out the door at 12:30 pm. SHE IMMEDIATELY HAD A CIGARETTE, and calmed down. Now consider this, she had major surgery 18 hours earlier and "BOOM" - discharged.

She is still in considerable pain, trying to poop, and all the necessary bodily processes are slowly coming back. She is having a hard time finding a comfortable position.

Mom2 and I are leaving for Boston this Thursday, returning the following Monday evening, so I think she will be able to survive on her own for that short period of time. The only arrangements she needs to make are for her son to get to and from the school bus. WHEW!!!! Enough of that shite. My fingers are almost bleeding.

Take care all - will be back on here when I return on the 5th of December. TTFN

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