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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Football Saturday...on to football Sunday...

I really do need a life I guess. I love professional football, but have been watching college football a lot lately. I love WVU and Ohio State and have been following Rutgers lately as they are in the top 10 now and my father graduated from there (mind you, he would be 100 years old this Dec. 17th were he still alive!) So, he graduated quite some time ago from Rutgers (Poughkeepsie, NY).

OSU is beating Michigan with 3 minutes left in the game by a score of 42-31, although Michigan is moving down the field to possibly score again. Oh, by the way, the Bellaire Big Reds won big last night against new Lexington, on their way to the Ohio State Semi finals, score was 45-7. They will face their arch nemesis Youngstown Cardinal Mooney this coming Friday, in Steubenville I believe, at Harding Stadium. I could be wrong on that one, will know for sure Tuesday.

I am totally amazed at the crowd for the OSU-Michigan game. The figure given for attendance is 105,708 - WOW!!!

Theson is still in the desert in Algeria, and technologically starved. He is having to email his blog posts to Emma, and have her post them for him, as the shite internet service takes forever to perform. The good news is, he is hoping to be home shortly after Thanksgiving, and be here for Christmas. He originally asked for the holidays as vacation time, since he was forced to stay in India last year - for ALL holidays. Now that he has new managers, hope they will abide by the commitment.

Ruh-roh, Michigan just scored and going for a 2 point conversion - ugh made it, now it is 42-39 with 2:16 left in game. Gonna be a real nail biter. Onside kick not successful - YEA!! GAME OVER AND THAT IS THE FINAL SCORE. Now the debate (annual) begins again, over who is truly No. 1. Blah-blah-blah.

Gotta run for now, I am babysitting and thegrandson (now 6) wants to play.

Everyone stay healthy, TTFN.

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