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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving...to Zac in Camelland

Another festive (somewhat) holiday, and theson is stuck in the Sahara desert with a bunch of herpes ridden (according to local scuttlebutt) camels. I spoke with him earlier on the phone (3:40 pm our time - 9:40 pm in Algeria) and the chefs fixed them a nice Thanksgiving dinner, much better than what he was served in India last year. He said he was quite "full" and going to get a shower and go to bed. Since there is NO excitement, guess that was his only alternative.

He has spoken with Emma every day, and she is currently at her parents home, in Iowa (albeit sleeping on the couch), with a houseful of relatives. I am sure she has had a wonderful day with her friends and family. No doubt, lots of food too. Happy Turkey day to Emma and her family. Gobble-Gobble!!!

My plans were to bake my 2 pumpkin pies yesterday, and get my broccoli casserole ready. Since thegrandson had no school, he always likes to help me. But as best laid plans go, that was not to be the case. Thedaughter was supposed to work 8:45am - 5pm, but as she was getting ready for work, she was doubled over in pain, with all the symptoms of a kidney stone. I made arrangements with Mom2 to watch thegrandson and I took thedaughter to the ER. After 5 1/2 hours and multiple tests, she does not have a kidney stone, but a 7 centimeter cyst on her right ovary. Considering an ovary is the size of an almond, this is rather large, and definitely painful. She was discharged from the ER with instructions to follow up with an OB-GYN, and given enough pain pills (alleve) and muscle relaxants to last 2 days. Now, mind you, we can't even get in to see the OB-GYN till Tuesday. This could be interesting. She can't sleep, can't get comfortable in any position, and the "pain" meds they gave her won't even help a headache, much less severe pain. Since she has only been at her job about 6 weeks, she is so very afraid of losing her job if she has to call off. She is supposed to work 1pm - 10pm tomorrow, and insists she is going. I have a feeling we will be back in the ER before the scheduled doctors appointment. The ER doctor wrote her a slip excusing her from work thru the 25th, but she is going anyway. I guess we will see.

So, back to the dinner. I ended up making the pies and stuffing last night, with the help of the grandson. The pies turned out wonderful, after we removed the eggshells he managed to break, into the mix. Bless his heart. So here's to you Son, pics of the meal you missed and your mom slaving over the hot stove.

so there - that's the best i can do.

***damnit can't get the pics loaded. help!!!! will work on figuring this out -- TTFN.

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