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Sunday, October 01, 2006

...and all those around me are QUITE HAPPY!!!

Just a quickie - to let those who haven't heard from me since Thursday, know the reason why. I HAVE SEVERE LARYNGITIS. Anyone who does know me, that when I go thru a severe cold it always transpires in the same stages. First - the stuffy head and more junk coming out than any human should have to endure. Second - the sore throat and cough. This all started a week ago yesterday (Saturday) and now from all the coughing - LARYNGITIS. I mean the voice is completely gone and all I am left with is a squeak. Now this is NOT FUNNY. Thegrandson, asked me "Nina, how come your cough is louder than your voice?" Quite a question coming from this 6 year old. This is the 3rd day of silence and thedaughter is loving it - although she has to be my translator. I haven't even been able to talk on the phone - DRAT!!!

If someone says something funny, I laugh, go into a coughing spell and I am done. It is a good thing that I have a wonderful sense of humor about the whole thing. Another thing, and this may be way too much information but...DO NOT GET OLD. I have had so many internal organs removed, I have come to the conclusion that everything left is just free floating around inside me and definitely NOT where it is supposed to be. The reason for this announcement is because...sneezing and coughing allow me to PEE myself quite easily. Oho - the DEPENDS generation, I have finally reached it. My kids find this totally hilarious, but I feel that if there is a more powerful being guiding our lives, that they too, will someday suffer from the same malady. So there, my curse on the kids!!

Until I have my voice back (hopefully soon), I will just sign off here and hope the rest of you remain well. TTFN

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