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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

...am I livid??? You bet your ass!!

OK - now I have to get on my soapbox again. In the news today, Rush Limbaugh was reported to have made derogatory remarks about Michael J. Fox "FAKING" his parkinson's disease in a television ad for a political candidate. Now let us consider that the fat bastard (Limbaugh) managed to squeak out from under "drug" charges because he has friends in high places and money talks. He is not a poster child for virtue by any means. Apparently he is not well versed on the subject of Parkinson's disease either. I have a very good friend, who is in her mid 40's and has been progressively getting worse, suffering from this nasty disease. One needs to understand that this disease is of a neurological nature and manifests itself primarily with "tremors" and uncontrollable spasms. In very late stages, we are talking total incapacitation and loss of verbal skills. This disease progresses differently for each individual.

For this IDIOT and I mean that, to think he has the right to condemn someone so handicapped, bespeaks total stupidity and lack of human compassion. And for what, the voice of the Conservative Right??? When you have noted religious figures (like Pat Robertson) but we won't mention names, making absurd remarks which make the news regularly - one only has to use the brain you have to decide who is right and who is VERY WRONG.

Since the Republican party is in such bad straits at the present, they only have to rely on personal, injurious attacks and scare tactics. By the scare tactics, I am referring to the TV ad to run next week, showing Osama Bin Laden (or OBL as we call him) and his cohort in crime, making statements about the ruin and decimation of the Americans, with all the past war footage in the background. Please remember that some of these statements are from several years ago and are directly aimed at scaring people. Are we so stupid not to realize that there have probably been terrorist cells in the US for decades? This ad is so reminiscent of LBJ's ad - now referred to as the "Daisy" ad, which ran in the mid 60's. Again, as a scare tactic.

Bottom line, this Bush administration has not made us any safer, the moral conduct is reprehensible (I'm sure Democrats are just as guilty), and the waste of taxpayers dollars and lives is inexcusable. DO NOT BELIEVE THAT WE NEED REPUBLICANS TO KEEP US SAFE AND TAXES LOW. Keeping the taxes low, just increases the deficit by billions a day. I would never have overdraft charges at the bank if I just let the government run my checkbook.

OK - jumping off the soapbox, figure the government will be knocking at my door momentarily. Since they can eavesdrop on phones and emails and blogs, mindless of our freedoms. HEHEHEHE.

***theson is still here - Algerian embassy had to close for Ramadan and apparently are not the speediest or efficient of people.

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