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Sunday, September 24, 2006

...local football rivalry???

Ever since we moved to Bellaire, the hard nosed fact was that Martins Ferry was our utmost rival. Well, last week when we played St. Clairsville, a local radio commentator (D. Blomquist will remain anonymous) and a local police officer, made a bet over the outcome of that game. As Bellaire won (barely), Mr. Blomquist therefore, had to come to Bellaire, run thru town painted in Bellaire colors and then be tazered by said police officer. Since I am having trouble loading the pics, go to www.flickr.com/photos/mbonen. For one reason or another, pics just don't want to load at the moment. Drat, curses, rats!!!

Back to the bet though. When Mr. Blomquist came to town, a crowd appeared at Flanagan's and the local PD officer, tazered Mr. Blomquist in the bar (a low dose no doubt.) Then the run began -- Mr. Blomquist trotting behind a Blazer, which was continuing his radio show, live. He made it to the upper part of town, and stopped at a local county official's house, where he was greeted by the official's wife, who slipped a $20 bill in Bloomers shorts, and he trucked back to the Police Department. The Police Officer, after much consultation with his superiors, decided against further tazering, as Mr. Blomquist's heart was racing after the run, and for health reasons (possible death) it was deemed NOT a good idea. It was all in good fun, and the weather was great, and no one got hurt - who can ask for anything more???

Well, that's all I can bear to write right now, as my Pittsburgh Steelers are breaking my heart. Cincinnati is walking all over them. BOOHOO!!! 28-17 with 7:05 to go in the 4th quarter. Damn turnovers.

I have a terrible, terrible cold and am going back to bed AGAIN. I have been in bed, off and on since Friday night. Can't breath, smell or eat. I've been thru a box of Kleenex already - shite!!!

Everyone else, stay healthy, more later. TTFN.

***HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY TO THEDAUGHTER*** Sorry I am sick at the moment.


thedaughter said...

Thank you for the birthday wish I hope you feel better soon. I made homemade chicken noodle soup but you couldn't even taste it so when you are better it will be meatloaf time. Love ya

slyght said...

those pix are pretty funny. would've like to have seen the tazering. later