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Monday, October 16, 2006

theson will be leaving again - soon!!

Well, theson has been "home" since August 13th, yet it seems like only a short while. he will be leaving (providing all the visa info is received) for Algeria (N. Africa) on Thursday. Supposedly, this job will be for approximately 60 days. One must remember that the job in India was only supposed to last ONE month and the total duration was over 19 months. The amazing thing is that theson would much prefer cool climates and invariably gets sent to "tropical" climates. POOR BABY.

Theson has been a truly helpful soul during his stay at home, managed to get a lot of "Stuff" taken to the dump, cleaned the backyard, taught thegrandson how to ride a bike and just before we had a torrential downpour last week, I suggested we try to clean out the gutters. Every time it rained, the water just poured out of the gutters on the back deck like a waterfall. Thedaughter and I had tried to clean it last fall, to no avail. Well, with a little help from "his buddy" the challenge was a success. Now if I can get the damn pics to upload - brb.

And remembering that theson was out of the country for Thanksgiving and Christmas last year, we promised him a Turkey Dinner. If anyone can recall, the son had pics of the Thanksgiving dinner prepared for him and Emma in India, which really didn't look all that bad, except for the "stuffing soup." You would have to look back on his Nomadic Tendencies site (Nov. or Dec. '05) to relive those wonderful pics. But he captured this pic of his feast at home last week.

But I will definitely be adding more blogs in the future, as theson's stay at home is now at an end. He is leaving Thursday (19th)for Hassi Messaoud, Algeria, North Africa. Again, I will miss him terribly, but we always have our internet connection and video cams and of course THE BLOGS.

Gotta run - have to get him to VOTE (absentee) before leaving the country. Everyone better get out and vote in November or this country is done for. Me and my political stance - change is needed quickly.

For now, everyone stay healthy and TTFN.


Paul said...

I know what you mean about him spending to much. All the time off I just had damn near broke me!!!

mom 2 said...

can't believe its time for zac to leave,really gonna miss him....enjoyed our dinner tonight but it always makes me sad knowing when we all meet at the roadhouse its time for zac to leave...
by the way thanks for the invite,loved the belated thanksgiving dinner...its really nice having our two families...
see ya tomorrow...
mom 2