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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

now we have to get back in the BLOG groove...

Well the month that theson was home was slow at first, then it seemed to zip by during the last week. Theson is now in Florence, Italy for a two week training in Oil and Gas I believe. Then he will be off to who knows where. At some point he has to go back to India to get all his belongings left behind. That should be a real treat.

Emma was here for a week, well, not here exactly the entire time, but here about. She and theson spent several days in Columbus, Ohio visiting his buddies and clubbing. I truly enjoyed meeting and getting to know Emma. Such a lovely young lady - and theson seems enamored also. Bottom line: she was a big hit with the entire family.

Fall weather has come upon us with a bang. Quite chilly today - didn't even reach 60 degrees. Actually this is my favorite time of year, cool weather and Steeler football (although we will not discuss the Jacksonville match last Monday night.) C'mon Ben - get healed and back in shape. Cincinnati Bengals next Sunday, they looked good against Cleveland last week.

OK, will be back later, everyone stay healthy. TTFN

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