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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hmmmm.....apparently CPAC's straw poll produced a new front-runner for 2012 - in Ron Paul. I'm sure Mitt Romney who has led the poll for the past four years is rather upset...and poor Iquitarod Queen reflected a paltry third place showing with a very low percentage. Boohoo....I see a bunch of blowhards trying vigorously to dig out from the hole they are mired within.

Now, this guy, Ryan Sorba...the representative for California Young Americans For Freedom (could be a misnomer) - made a complete ASS of himself it would appear. After viewing this discriminating screed, I would imagine he runs in a circle of people, I would well avoid at any given time.

This rant against GOProud (he refers to as go pride) for being allowed to co-sponsor and host a booth at this event was totally uncalled for and in my humble opinion, a mouthful of GARBAGE!!

It would also appear that he tells a friend - that he now is no longer a friend...WTF is up with that? This guy is a total loser and fukktard.

Now, my only wish for the day....is that the lesbians at Smith College - organize and plot revenge against this moron (Note: I actually prefer the word RETARD).

To listen to the woman close out this tirade by repeating "Freedom of opinion" just galls me to no end as well. I'm all for freedoms, but when they are delivered in such a vile and vicious manner - I guarantee you, if I had been there, I would have suffered another heart attack getting my hands around his throat!

Enough of that for the day...back to taxes and my dull life. Have a great day all....later...............



Lisa G. said...

I actually like some of the things that Ron Paul says - I watched him on a vid with Chris Matthews and a hard core Repub and he made a lot of sense. Now, if he would just lose the R after his name and declare he was a Libertarian that he is, he could appeal to independents. One thing this does prove is that the more moderate candidates (Mittens and Paul) still hold some significant sway with the Repubs.

This is a good thing and a bad thing - good because it shows that they haven't all gone batshit crazy (i.e., supporting the Tundra Twat) and that either one of those might still appeal to independents. My vote would be for Ron Paul, but I think the Teabaggers would break off from him and split the party - which is also a good thing. You know things are not going well when even a moderate like Tim Pawlenty is advocating violence in order to get the teabaggers on his side.

Another bad thing is that Mittens and Paul could choose a teabagger running mate for vp just to please them. This would not be good at all because a) it would not split the party and b) they (Mittens and Paul) could appeal to independents and that would be trouble for us. However, having a teabagger as veep could totally turn off the independents (which I think it would) and that would again be good for us. I don't think that Paul would go for a teabagger on his ticket (he's much too Libertarian for that), but Mittens so would. So it's a toss up for us.

Kulkuri said...

While Ron Paul is libertarian in some areas, he is solidly with the Republic Party on abortion. IMHO that means he is not truly a libertarian. Just another politician.

My main worry is that the Corporate Media will convince enough people that the Republic Party is gaining enough support that they will get enough votes to win more elections than they should this year!!

Mnmom said...

I'll bet he's gay.