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Monday, October 29, 2007

now we get back to normal?? or as close as possible!

I have always thought that when someone close passes away the whole world should just stop! Amazing thought right?!?! I guess that is when my selfishness kicks in. But needless to say, we have been through the passing of our great friend and relative, the funeral, the wake and now we must get on with our lives.

Our lives are forever changed but we will carry on traditions and pass on memories to the best of our abilities. I had hoped to get more pictures of Jean's (Mom2) family but am satisfied with those I posted on FLICKR.COM. If interested you can click on this link to see some pics taken at the wake and a couple from dinner last Saturday. There are also various sets of pics I have posted from our trips to Boston and the Caribbean and other adventures. Feel free to peruse them if you like.

Chumpass is back in Columbus and at work, TheRuss has gone back to work a few days a week and this is a good thing for both. I will probably go up and clean out the pantry and fridge as these are two areas men are not likely to consider - and I am sure there are outdated things that may need tossed. A good dusting is also needed as there are so many baskets and bears on shelves that they have amassed more than their share of dust bunnies. Heaven knows, we loved our menageries.

Well, gonna run for now, thegrandson is home sick today and wants me to help him draw a "pirate's map!" My talents are endless!!

Love to all! Stay healthy and TTFN!

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